Coolest Vegas Experience and Souvenirs!

“I Got Married in Vegas! just kidding” is a one of a kind tourist attraction/experience in Las Vegas!

We create incredible photo-realistic images of different experiences that you “supposedly” got into while visiting Las Vegas. It’s all fake so don’t worry, but your friends and family back home don’t know that lol!

Our gift shop sells some of the most unique Vegas souvenirs that range from recently divorced t-shirts to sweet bachelorette swag.

Hillarious! We posted the photos online and everybody thought we actually got married!

Cameron and BertPortland, OR

You’ll end up making a lot of new friends once you post a pic of you holding a giant check from your huge jackpot you won! lol

Michael PrimeHouston, TX

We had the whole family thinking we really got married in Vegas! Mom about had a heart attack…

Jason and BelindaNew York, NY

My girls and I have the best souvenir photo of all of us being arrested in Vegas. Not for real of course!

Shannon EdmondAlberta, Canada


  • I Got Married in Vegas! just kidding

    Get fake married and fool your friends and family! Our fake wedding package has everything you need for it to be totally believable including wedding attire, wedding rings, wedding photos and a legit looking wedding certificate. Only thing missing is an unsuspecting gullible family member!!!

  • I Got Arrested in Vegas! just kidding

    Your friends or family probably said something like “Don’t get arrested when you’re in Vegas!”. Now you can mess with them and say you actually did get arrested in Vegas. Arrest package comes complete with authentic arrest board and mugshot. Maybe you should of passed on that 5th shot of Fireball after all.

  • I Won a Jackpot in Vegas! just kidding

    Win a million dollar jackpot in the casino!! Or at least we’ll help you make your friends and family on your social media think you did! You’ll have friends and family you never knew you had contacting you. Maybe it’ll help you get laid while you’re in Vegas, you’re welcome:)

  • I Got Knocked Up in Vegas! just kidding

    You know the saying in Vegas… “What happens here…blah blah blah..”. Well, make it look like you’re taking something home with you with authentic looking ultrasound photos and maternity photos using our Hollywood prosthetic prego-belly!




    Sunday-Thursday 10am-10pm
    Friday & Saturday 10am-11pm





    3631 Las Vegas Blvd South #315
    Las Vegas, NV 89109

    In the outdoor Grand Bazaar Shops in front of Bally’s next to B.A.R and Wahlburgers

**We are located in the Bally’s Bazaar Shops space #315 next to B.A.R. and Wahlburgers